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December 2016


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                           SHORTHORN
                                                                              REGISTRY NEWS
Dear Members,
December is here again with a hectic time for most with school          Monthly group run – All data to be entered into the group run
break-ups, Christmas parties and so many jobs to be done before         needs to be at the office by the 10th of every month.
the big day.
Last week I was in Feilding for the PBBNZ Meetings. Travelling down     Online registrations and performance recording - Contact
country I was pleased to see the amount of feed cover through           Shorthorn registry if you wish to register calves, enter weights
central North Island, more than I’ve seen for a number of years.        etc. online using Internet Solutions. You will need a login and
I attended the AGM meeting at PBBNZ and am pleased to report            password and registry can create a pre-built worksheet for you
the company is moving forward positively and the PBBNZ Board of         to work from. Tipsheets are also available to help you through
Directors will have the pleasure of declaring a dividend back to its    this process.
Shareholders in 2017.
The 2017 Beef Expo will be on the 15th-16th May, there will be both                     Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and
bull and heifer sales at the Expo.                                                             a safe and Happy New Year.
I’d like to congratulate Fraser Fletcher for having the Champion Bull
at the 2016 Expo, I would also like to thank those of you that entered        Megan can be contacted by phone on 06 323 0747
bulls at the 2016 Expo.                                                    between 8.00am to 4.30pm or email
It was interesting to have Jason Catts, Shorthorn Beef Australia
President judge at this year’s Expo, he was impressed with what he      THE SHORTHORN COUNCIL
saw of the Shorthorn cattle in New Zealand. We are in discussion
with Australian Shorthorn to get better promotional material of the           WOULD LIKE TO WISH EVERYONE
breed in New Zealand for marketing and advertising.
The 2017 Shorthorn Herd Tour and Heifer Sale will take place in                            A VERY
late March though the King Country, Taumaranui and Taranaki an                        MERRY XMAS
itinerary is in the newsletter members need to let us know by mid-               & HAPPY NEW YEAR
January who is interested in attending. It will be a great event with
the AGM, heifer sale and some seminars involved in the tour, I look      PBBNZ CHRISTMAS
forward to seeing you there.                                             CLOSING HOURS
I wish you an amazing Christmas and fantastic New Year.
Kind regards,                                                             The PBB office will close at
                                                                          12.00 noon on Friday 23rd December 2016
Craig Morton PRESIDENT                                                    and reopen at 8.00am on Monday 9th January 2017.
                                                                          We wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


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Hoodie	$58

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printed on the back.

The new uniforms were worn by the Council Members at                                    $120                                     $85
Beef Expo.
If you would like to order some of the apparel please                   JACKET                                   VEST
contact Craig or Maree Morton.
                                                                        Mens or Ladies                           Mens or Ladies
Prices are GST inclusive but freight will be added.

SHORTHORN ASSOCIATION: PO Box 503, Feilding | Phone: 06 323 4484 | Fax: 06 323 3878 | Web: www.shortho  SHORTHORN FLYER 1
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