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February 2014


Dear Members Steak of Origin entries close on 21 February. It
would be good to see a few more Shorthorns entered.
Hopefully most of you will have had an opportunity
for a short break over Xmas-New Year. While it comes As will be mentioned elsewhere in this publication,
at a busy time on the farming calendar it is a chance council is planning a southern South Island herd tour
to catch a few days with the family even if it is not in the autumn, 2015. As part of the tour it is hoped
off-farm. Summer in most parts of NZ hasn’t been up to hold an IC heifer genetic sale. With that in mind it
to much for beaches etc to date but it has been more is probably unlikely that there will be any Shorthorn
conducive to growing grass. entries for the Queen of Hearts sale this year although
any breeder who wishes to enter a calf is quite able
Nature has a way of balancing things out and after to do so.
last autumn’s drought it has been a great relief to
everyone to have enjoyed six months of good farming Although we have not heard any details to date
weather. Farming in export dependent New Zealand the Ag-Innovation week is to be held as usual in
we have to ride the commodity cycles and while we Feilding from 10th-13 May. Entry forms for the Bull
will not mention dairying, beef is also looking quite Sale are available. Make sure you are on time to
positive at present. Factors that affect the US beef meet requirements. Along with TB and BVD testing
industry ultimately have a big impact here either and vaccination a new treatment to prevent tick
positively or negatively. movement is also planned this year. The protocol
for this treatment is included with the Conditions of
Meat companies appear to be gradually moving Entry/Sale.
towards rewarding quality which will put our
Shorthorn breed in a good position. It concerns me Our AGM and breed dinner will be held in Feilding
a little that some companies tend to name specifc on Monday 12 May. Defnite times and place will be
breeds for preference. Other major companies are notifed later.
totally non breed specifc and reward on what the
carcase is. May the sun keep shining, the showers keep coming,
the grass keep growing and our lovely cattle stay
Your council decided recently to produce a Herd Book healthy.
this year. While many breeders do not use books as
they once did some members do and it is a good Kindest regards and hope to see many of you in
hard copy record of Shorthorn stock in NZ. The Herd Feilding,
Book this year will contain three years registrations
including 2013 born calves so be sure to get your John Dobson
registrations in ASAP to be included. President

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